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About Le Nuove Musiche


Le Nuove Musiche, conducted by Krijn Koetsveld, is a unique ensemble that performs vocal music from the first half of the 17th century at the highest level. With a special focus on the composer Claudio Monteverdi. The ensemble immerses itself in performance practice, allows the texts to sink in deeply and seeks to enrapture the audiences of the 21st century, in search of a confrontation with the present time.

The music

The ensemble’s first feat, the recording of all Monteverdi’s madrigals, 9 books full, was completed at the beginning of 2019 after four years of study, rehearsals and recording. For example, the newspaper Het Parool wrote about this: “Koetsveld and Le Nuove Musiche have done the immense job in a formidable way. The singers of Le Nuove Musiche take all the hurdles with great persuasion […]: pure, rich in sound, with attention to the diction of the all-determining lyrics, with a lot of collective sense of color and rather reserved in expression than elated, so that there still is a space to fill for the listener. Really beautiful. ”

The ensemble’s second major and beautiful project, the recording of Monteverdi’s spiritual works, The Selva Morale e Spirituale, was completed in 2021 after a successful round of crowdfunding.

Le Nuove Musiche now performer the world premiere of the opera Arianna on 7th October 2021 in The Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ. A second performance was given on 10th October in Theater The Flint in Amersfoort. Monteverdi’s “lost” opera will be seen and heard until the season of 2022-2023.

There are also more plans for other productions, CD recordings and master classes, especially around the composer Claudio Monteverdi.

But of course you can also come and see and listen to Le Nuove Musiche yourself. The ensemble has a beautiful and varied concert on offer and after the long year of Covid, the planning for the concerts for 2022-2023 is again going fully ahead.


And there is more. Le Nuove Musiche will soon present a wonderful fan loyalty program. Fans can join the group of “Amici” of the ensemble, by donating. The Amici support the work of the ensemble financially so that more beautiful musical projects can be realized. Joining the Amici group also has many advantages, such as the right to free CDs, discounts on concerts, attending rehearsals to get in touch with the artists directly. You will soon be able to read all about the Amici program on the ensemble’s website.

EEBA Music

EEBA Music is responsible for the overall business management of Le Nuove Musiche. If you are interested in booking the ensemble for a concert or if you just want more information, please contact EEBA Music. By telephone or via the contact form on this website. And take a look at the website of the ensemble, LeNuoveMusiche.nl or their Facebook page.

their Music

Would you like a teaser?  Enjoy!

in the netherlands


October 2021


Arianna, Reconstruction of the lost Monteverdi opera composer by Florian Magnus Maier. Le Nuove Musiche o.l.v. Krijn Koetsveld


October 2021


Arianna, Reconstruction of the lost Monteverdi opera composer by Florian Magnus Maier. Le Nuove Musiche o.l.v. Krijn Koetsveld


November 2021


Online Masterclass Monteverdi Madrigalen from the St Aegtenkapel, Amersfoort. De Masterclass will cover the development of Claudio Monteverdi as a person and this musical innovations as a composer over time.

  • Online Masterclass Monteverdi Madrigals
  • St Aegtenkapel, Amersfoort
  • Tickets


Mei 2022


Selve Morale

  • Orgelpark Amsterdam
  • Tickets available: To be further announced


Juni 2022


Orgel Festival Openingsconcert

  • Orgel Festival Holland
  • Grote Kerk Alkmaar
  • Tickets available: To be further announced


November 2022


De Geboorte Van De Opera

  • Stichting Culturele Activiteiten Schouwen Duiveland
  • Nieuwe Kerk Zierikzee
  • Tickets available: To be further announced