EEBA Music is a small-scale music management that only supports groups, artists and musical platforms that EEBA Music is passionate about. And for the owner of EEBA Music, Evert Bandringa, that passion is especially about vocal music. In addition, EEBA Music is committed to a system of appropriate pay for its artists. This is all reflected by the artists and the platforms that EEBA Music represents. EEBA Music’s own beautiful pearls…

Evert Bandringa


founder // owner

Evert bandringa

EEBA Music provides support to vocal artists in various ways. Based on my own love for vocal music, on my own experience in that field and on my accumulated knowledge of what it takes to give artists the best opportunities to express their passion and qualities. Whether that is in the concert hall, on other stages, via hard disk recordings or online. And to ultimately earn a good and honest income. EEBA Music does this as a business manager for the amazing Dutch ensemble Le Nuove Musiche, as well as being local Dutch co-management for the famous vocal group from the UK, The Swingles. I was also co-owning the new online platform for live music: Exit.Live.