ABOUT eEba music

EEBA Music was founded in 2021 by Evert Bandringa.


Evert is one of the “Original Five” of the vocal group Intermezzo, which was founded in 1984 by 5 students from the Utrecht Conservatory. The group still exists under the name of iNtrmzzo. Intermezzo performed in Dutch and German theaters in the 1990s with programs such as “Een avondvullend Intermezzo”, “Tribunal”, “Still Crazy” and “Tour” 97 “.

In addition, Intermezzo was regularly heard and seen on radio and television. In the Netherlands with Sonja Barend, Han Reiziger and Paul de Leeuw and in Germany in various programs on the NDR, WDR and ARD.

Intermezzo has also worked with artists such as Bram Vermeulen (also Intermezzo’s director), Herman van Veen, Rob de Nijs, Louis van Dijk and Bert van de Brink.

Intermezzo has won several prizes in those years, such as the 1994 edition of the “Kleinkunstprijs” of the city of Wilhelmshaven (Ger), the “Knurrhahn, and, in the same year, the Conamus Zilveren Harp with their second CD” Still Crazy “.


After Evert retired from Intermezzo and music in 1997, he lived in the United Kingdom for many years. After returning to the Netherlands, he took up the musical gauntlet again, but now in a management role.

He founded EEBA Music to support a limited number of high quality vocal groups, either as a business lead for Le Nuove Musiche or as local Dutch co-management for The Swingles.

He is also an investor in the new online platform for live music: Exit.Live. The musician’s platform to connect even better with their fan base through their live music recordings.


Intermezzo – In Fool Color, 1991
Herman van Veen – You Take My Breath Away, 1992, backing vocals
Herman van Veen – Voor Wie Anders, 1993, backing vocals
Intermezzo – Still Crazy , 1994
Intermezzo – The Orchestra, 1996
Rob de Nijs – De Band, De Zanger En Het Meisje, 1996, backing vocals

Affiche Still Carzy
Silver Harp