exit live

At the beginning of 2020, Evert, the owner of EEBA Music, became co-owner of a new online platform for live music: Exit.Live through an investment. In one go, Exit.Live solves a number of problems that are currently affecting the live music industry.

For the Fan

Visitors to a gig or concert naturally want to be able to take the music they have just heard and experienced immediately with them and listen back. Exit.Live offers that possibility. The visitors create their own memories of the gigs and concerts of their favorite artists through their personal Exit.Live account. The global fans also have immediate access to the live recordings of their favorite artist. And if the artist offers it in advance, the live recording can be purchased right away when purchasing the ticket.

For the Artist

There are plenty of online streaming platforms. The artist usually earns little or nothing from these. Exit.Live will solve this. The artists can upload all live music recordings to the platform via their own personal account. The artists determine which content is uploaded when and also determines the price. Exit.Live offers the artist full control over their own account, their own profile, their own pricing and their own content. Of every Euro that comes in for the artist via the platform, up to 80 cents can go directly back to the artist, depending of course on whether third party rights are linked to the performance. Finally, the artists also have total control over their own direct payouts through Exit.Live.

Exit.Live creates an additional income from their live music for our artists that goes beyond the income from ticket sales. The fans, in turn, can relive the same live music indefinitely, without the need to download.


Exit.Live as a platform enables the artist and the fan to connect even more directly worldwide. In short, a platform from the artist and for the artist, from the fan and for the fan.


The people behind the Exit.Live platform have all made their mark in the live music industry. Of course Covid-19 has delayed the content on Exit.Live, but as soon as the festivals and live concerts start again, Exit.Live will certainly be flying.


If you as a fan or an artist also want access to Exit.Live or if you have any questions, please contact EEBA Music. Or go directly to the Exit.Live website. Check out the content, create your account, there must be something for you!